Bain Capital Life Sciences targets four types of investment opportunities:

Inflection Capital
Inflection Capital

Engaging with companies at the critical development stages of innovation.

Growth Capital
Growth Capital

Partnering with companies to accelerate and expand platforms.

Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels

Engaging with companies at a crossroads to create value.

Larger Private Equity
Larger Private Equity Collaborations and New Company Formation

Leveraging the Bain Capital platform to invest in, build, and support companies.

Guiding Principles

Bain Capital Life Sciences seeks to create differentiated value by identifying investments in companies that have these key features:

Research organizations that drive innovation across the healthcare value chain.
Pipelines with breakthrough products addressing unmet needs of patients.
Management teams that deploy capital efficiently to scale their business.
Strategy Icon

Bain Capital Life Sciences seeks to build a diverse portfolio of high-impact, high-value-creating companies by adhering to our Guiding Principles in our rigorous, science-first diligence.