About Bain Capital Life Sciences

Bain Capital Life Sciences invests in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, diagnostic, and life science tool companies across the globe, with a focus on companies that both drive medical innovation across the value chain and enable that innovation to improve the lives of patients with unmet medical needs. The differentiated skillset of Bain Capital Life Sciences team enables it to deliver targeted capital and value-added strategic support to companies around critical phases of growth and inflections in value.

Since 1984, Bain Capital has employed a strategic and analytical approach to identify attractive investment opportunities and partner with management teams to transform and improve their businesses. During this time, Bain Capital has developed global reach, deep expertise, and a proven track record in the life sciences industries across private equity, public equity, credit, venture capital, and real estate.

By the Numbers



As of September 30, 2021



Globally, across diagnostics & life sciences tools, medical devices, and biotechnology & pharmaceuticals



To help improve the lives of patients with unmet medical needs



from the start of investment

All figures as of December 31, 2021 unless otherwise noted.

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