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Cerevel Therapeutics

Cerevel Therapeutics (Nasdaq: CERE) relentlessly finds paths through complexity to bring real progress and new treatment options to people living with a broad range of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Cerevel is developing its most advanced therapeutic candidate, tavapadon, for the treatment of both early- and late-stage Parkinson’s disease. Tavapadon was rationally designed as an orally-bioavailable, once-daily partial agonist that selectively targets dopamine D1/D5 receptor subtypes with the goal of balancing meaningful motor activity with a favorable tolerability profile. Cerevel’s second most advanced therapeutic candidate, CVL-865, is being developed for the treatment of both epilepsy and anxiety. CVL-865 was rationally designed as an orally-bioavailable, twice-daily positive allosteric modulator that selectively targets GABAA receptors containing alpha-2/3/5 subunits. Cerevel is also developing CVL-231 for the treatment of psychosis. CVL-231 was rationally designed as a positive allosteric modulator that selectively targets the muscarinic acetylcholine 4 receptor (M4) subtype to harness the anti-psychotic benefit believed to be associated with M4 while minimizing the side effects typically associated with pan-muscarinic agonists.

Cerevel Therapeutics was founded in 2018 as a partnership between Bain Capital Life Sciences, Bain Capital Private Equity, and Pfizer to build a new, fully-integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on advancing a broad portfolio of medicines for central nervous system disorders. Both Bain Capital Life Sciences and Bain Capital Private Equity are represented on the Company’s Board of Directors.


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