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Thrive is a private company based in Cambridge, MA and Baltimore, MD that is focused on developing a blood-based, multi-cancer screening test called CancerSEEK to screen for cancer in adults older than 50 with no known cancer diagnosis. The Company’s approach relies on technology that was developed at Johns Hopkins University in the labs of Drs. Bert Vogelstein, Ken Kinzler, and Nick Papadopoulos, who are pioneers in the field of cancer genomics. CancerSEEK uses proprietary analytics to detect genetic alterations in circulating tumor DNA and abnormal protein levels in the blood in order to determine whether a patient has an undiagnosed cancer. Thrive’s scientifically-driven approach to multi-cancer early detection and high-quality data from a prospective, interventional, intended-use population study sets Thrive apart from others in the space.


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*Thrive was acquired by Exact Sciences Corp January 2020